The word “Mokshya”, in Indian philosophy refers to eternal emancipation and to transcend the mortal limitations. To attain Mokshya is to be in absolute unanimity with the Divine.

An artist is believed to experience the same euphoria when he or she practises her art form.

MOKSHYA is a registered institution with the Companies Commission of Malaysia under the Companies Act. It was founded on February 12, 2019 with a vision to spread the joy, peace and beauty of Indian art forms in Malaysia and other parts of South-East Asia. Envisaged by Aishee Ganguly, MOKSHYA aims to unfurl the sublimity and nuances of Indian classical dance forms, music and art amongst those who are yet to experience India’s exquisite treasures. She is passionate about obtaining cultural confluences through her artform.

MOKSHYA, while focuses largely on Odissi and Indian creative forms, will also host sessions on Yoga and Body-Conditioning along with other forms of Indian Classical and Folk-dance forms.

We also seek to expand to Hindustani/ Carnatic Classical music lessons.